Sunday, December 30, 2012

Spider-man + Gluten free Cinammon Cake

Jet is the son of the amazing and talented Ivy of The Garage by Ivy Florals.  One of her daughters is now gluten free and the entire family supports her by eating gluten free.  I admire her for taking this bold step to support her little one.  So many people don't realize that being gluten free can be very easy once you've learned the basics of cooking this way.

Anyway, Jet loves cinnamon rolls, and is not a big cake fan, so we decided to do something different for his 7th birthday and surprise him with a gluten free cinnamon roll cake.  Filled with lots of warm cinnamon flavor and vanilla bean Italian butter cream, and a theme that was sure to delight him...his favorite Spider-man!

All edible (except the wires for the signs, the spider-man logo and letters are all hand cut from fondant.  The web is royal icing and the signs are gumpaste.

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