Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Mickey Mouse + Winter Onederland

This weekend kicked off the year with a couple of very fun cakes...

Both of the cakes were for a First Birthday Party, which makes me feel very privileged! 
A Mickey Mouse Cake for 40 (plus) was awesome to create just because of the size of the cake board.
A 20"x20" to hold this big head was covered in yellow fondant to highlight the black letters. Hand cut pieces of fondant for his face makes this Mickey totally edible.

The second cake was for a little girl's Winter Onederland Party...what a great theme.
The little penguins, polar bear and mr Snowman were a lot of fun to make and resided on the work table for quite a few days before their snow covered cake became their new home at last.  The little one slipping down the second tier was my favorite.  Covered with silver sparkling disco dust and big chunky sugar made me wish it was snowing outside...not really, I really don't like the cold weather we are having right now.

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  1. Love all your creations Angela!!! Absolutely stunning!!!