Sunday, April 20, 2014

Scottsdale Culinary Festival + Cake Decorating Competition

So after much thought, I decided to enter my first competition.   Believe me, I almost backed out many, many times before I put this cake into my car and drove to The Scottsdale Conference Center and Resort to deliver it for judging.

I was invited to participate last year, but just couldn't muster up the guts to do it......what if I failed, or was embarrassed.....all these thoughts, I was defeated before I ever started.

So, this year when I got the invitation, I decided to just enter, and not look back.  But, I did look back, changed my design at least a hundred times.  Found every reason in the world not to get started, then at the last minute....just went for it.

So, second place.....not bad for my first time competing.  I tried out some new piping techniques using the Lambeth method, did some very detailed hand painting of Venus and drew inspiration from Georgia O'Keeffe for the huge 3 dimensional flower exploding out of the top tier.  The "LOVE" sculpture is covered in two tone modeling chocolate, and the board and inside lower tier are covered with gold leaf.  I think my favorite element of this cake is the ballet slippers supporting the upper tiers.  Made from Rice Crispy treats and covered in fondant, they were the most challenging item and also the most delicate and lovely.  I would love to try these again in different sizes and colors with embellishments.

I will definitely enter other competitions as they come my way, the fear is gone and I loved meeting the other decorators and seeing what their interpretation of the theme "ART" became. The next post will include their cakes as well.