Monday, February 24, 2014

Baby Shower Cake + Beer, BBQ + Baby Talk

Beer, BBQ and Baby Talk was the adorable theme for this unique baby shower this past weekend.  I considered the usual picnic blanket, red and white checks and a little baby under the blanket, but then I saw the cutest newborn pictures using a Radio Flyer Wagon as a prop...and I fell in love with the idea.  I love the way this turned out, and I hope I get to make this design again with a girly twist.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Vintage Butter Cream Cakes

During any cake tasting/consultation, the subject of fondant comes up.  Typically, the statement...I don't like fondant. begins this discussion. My response is always...most people don't eat it, it's only there to protect the cake, keep it fresh, and of course, to provide a beautiful smooth finish to decorate.  I also explain that I use Satin Ice Fondant, which is slightly more expensive than other fondants, but is the best tasting, if someone did decide to eat it. (actually, a lot of guests eat it, and love it, but brides and grooms to-be will never buy this story)

I then explain that I always apply a thick layer of butter cream to the exterior of all my cakes, to allow each bite to slide deliciously off the fondant with each bite. Our climate here in Arizona, and the unpredictable temperatures, rarely allow the display of a butter cream covered cake outside.

This wedding was the exception.  A late afternoon, early evening ceremony, a cool day, and a shady spot at the venue, made up the perfect set of circumstances for this trio of non-fondant, butter cream cakes topped with fresh roses.  I especially loved the little felt birds as the bride and groom.

 I made this delivery alone, which was a bit stressful, as the cakes were heavy, I was really paranoid about the "melting factor", and I had this Groom's cake on board as well.  I knew it wasn't at all possible for it to roll away, but I was very relieved when I placed it on the cigar bar, along with the other vintage items, and no one knew it was a cake!  They assumed it was just a decor prop, until the groom cut into the red velvet cake inside.

Thanks to the bride's Mom, Jenny for a new friendship, and a glowing review, and to Image Industry for the beautiful images.