Monday, September 9, 2013

Girly "Minion Me" Cake

Despicable Me and the cute little characters, Minions, have been the inspiration for lots of parties this year.  So, when Ava's Mom asked me to create a Minion cake for her second birthday party, I really wanted to make it different, and unique to Ava.  So, I asked for a picture of her and decided to design an AVA MINION!  I loved making the tutu skirt, even though it was literally hours of rolling out fondant, ruffling and placing little squished up layers of sweetness.  Her hair and the bow on top look just like her picture, and the party horn added a bright pop of rainbow colors at the end.  This was definitely one of the most fun cakes I have created lately.  So glad she liked it, oh and the inside was yummy Chocolate and vanilla swirled cake with vanilla bean butter cream layers.  The WHOLE minion is cake, with the exception of arms and legs (under her skirt).

This is how it all starts.  Just a big stack of cake begging to be carved and covered, shaped and molded.
Here she look a little scared!  Just before painting her goggles and adding her bow.