Monday, June 23, 2014

Minecraft Creeper Birthday Cake

My boys (not boys anymore) have ALWAYS loved video games.....I know, I know, what boy doesn't love video games, right?  Well, now my boys have boys of their won, and guess what????  They LOVE video games!  No big surprise that this year, my grandson, Tyler requested a Minecraft cake.  And, it had to have some character named "Creeper" incorporated in some way.  Other than that, it was up to me to design the special cake to celebrate the BIG 8.  So, I did some research, surfed Pinterest and Cake Central.  Lots of cute ideas...lots of little squares.  Cubes, squares and pixels of earth-toned colors, but how to bring some excitement and action into the day?  Stab a sword through the top of Creepers head!  YES, and some TNT
candles to blow out.  Score....he loved it, and I didn't end up cutting thousands of little squares of fondant.  After all, I like a good party, and I prefer not to be falling over from exhaustion because I stayed up all night finishing the cake.  Yea!

I love this kid SO much, he's smart, so kind-hearted, and has a BIG sense of humor!  He makes me laugh and melts my heart.  We don't get to spend a lot of time with him, because he lives in California, so when he comes home in the summer we have to cram a lot of loving, swimming, jokes and fun into just a few weeks at a time.  Next up, some Creeper cake pops for the twins in Nashville.