Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Sugar Flowers or Real Flowers + Wedding Cake?

Some girls just KNOW what they want.  Others are not so sure, especially when it comes to choosing real flowers or sugar flowers for their wedding cake.

Real Flowers on a Butter Cream Cake
So, lets explore the advantages, disadvantages and reality of the question "Should I use real flowers or sugar flowers on my wedding cake?"  
Sugar Flowers with gold tipped edges
When using real flowers on your cake there are a few things to consider:
1.  The flowers should be special ordered by your florist with no pesticides.  The stems may be inserted with a straw to protect the inside of the cake, but as the petals and leaves touch the cake, the pesticides may be transferred to the edible area on the exterior of the cake.
2.  The  flowers may wilt or fade.  When the flowers are placed on the cake, there will not be water provided for the stems, so there is a possibility that the petals may become limp and unappealing. 
3.  Using real flowers can be beautiful and budget friendly!   This is a plus, as your florist my have stems left over from the other arrangements they are providing and may be happy to supply these extras for the cake.  In any case, it doesn't hurt to ask.

When using sugar flowers:
1.  I may be a bit biased, but sugar flowers can be anything you want them to be.  Whimsical, fabric-like, tipped in gold or silver, centers of pearls or rhinestones, or entirely realistic duplicates of your favorite blooms.
2.  Sugar flowers may be preserved.  The hard sugar paste used to create these magical blooms can be preserved in an airtight, cooled environment for a very long time.  I actually used a preserved topper from a couple's wedding on their 25th wedding anniversary cake!  It was beautifully preserved in a little cardboard favor box, and will again be handed down to their own children, possibly to be used again! 
3.  A bigger than life element, sugar flowers can be larger than normal, an unreal color, or an exotic bloom that is out of season, exotic,  or even unattainable through any other medium. 

Last, but not least, maybe flowers are not your style at all.  There are beautiful options such as bows, blinged-out sashes, scroll work, or vintage lace.  Whatever your style, MAKE IT YOURS!  The best advice is not to let "trends or friends" dictate your style. Go with your heart and choose something that makes it truly flutter.  Then, find a cake artist that can make it happen for you.  And, if that's me.....then let's talk!!  Don't miss my Sweet Southern Tasting on September 13th for a sample of new and exciting flavors and ideas.

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