Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sea Turtle Cake + Finding Nemo

First Birthdays are BIG.  I have had the pleasure of helping a lot of little girls and boys celebrate their first birthdays with their favorite themes and characters.  This is one of my very favorite.

 Crush's head and flippers are Rice Crispy treats, his body, including the shell is vanilla bean cake with raspberry butter cream, Charlies' little smash cake on the side is the same. Crushed graham crackers mixed with powdered sugar sprinkled all around as sand, and dark chocolate signs hand painted and  buried in the graham sand.
 Little Squirt sits on top of the smash cake and is made from fondant  His spots are cut from dark chocolate fondant.
Crush's head was my biggest sculpting attempt yet.  Big meaning most challenging.  Faces are intimidating for me, but I have discovered modeling chocolate mixed with fondant is very workable and gives me lots of time to make adjustments, add on and keep working until i am happy without my subject getting hard and cracking before I have time to finish.  The head accounted for roughly 3 hours of the overall time on this cake, maybe more, I lost track about 2 am .
 This last picture is from little Charlie's mom who shared the picture on Face Book along with a very nice comment:

 "Angela totally blew me away with Charlie's birthday cake! I totally feel like I am on a tv show. Love!!Gorgeous and delicious! Absolutely amazing   "
 Life has definitely led me down this cake covered path, but I never thought I would fall in love with sculpting.  The challenge of carving a shape from cake, or squeezing a shape out of rice crispies is crazy, but I really have to say, in the end , I'm hooked.  So much more fun than churning out the same boring round cakes week after week.  I am truly grateful that I can choose my projects and enjoy the time and process of each one.


  1. Wow this is amazing!! Any advice you can give on sculpting a cake like this?

    1. Hi Crys,
      I would advise you to visit and enjoy the cake carving classes they offer. The sea turtle cake was made from sheet cakes stacked, with rice crispy legs and head. Then the body was covered with fondant, and the legs and head with colored modeling chocolate. Then the details were "etched into all and colored with dusts and edible paint.

      Good Luck!! and thanks for the comment!