Sunday, March 24, 2013

Baby Bum + Baby Shower Cake

I have a confession to make...I watch Cake Boss.  No surprise right?  I just love to watch them throw together a super-sized, over-the top, crazy a** cake, and then see them struggle to deliver it.  It's my life, only on steroids!  Last week, I bit off a little more than I should have and ended up with a 4 tier wedding cake and full wedding design package, a two tier gluten free wedding cake, and a sculpted (sort of) baby shower cake.  I still can't believe that I did all that!  I could here the music fro Mission Impossible playing in my head the entire week.  And, I slept 12 straight hours from Saturday at 6 pm until Sunday morning 8 am.

It was all worth it, everyone was happy, and I got the first pictures back from the baby shower.

 I first saw a "baby bum" cake on Cake Boss, then pictures started showing up on Pinterest of other Baby Bums.  A very cute concept, until my grand daughter asked me why the baby had his face buried in the cake?!

Still, it's a very cute idea.  The cake was a delicious combination of Almond and Orange with Vanilla Butter Cream.

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