Sunday, February 17, 2013

Couture Birthday + Bridal Shower Gift Box

So every week seems to hold a new cake surprise, like the gift box bridal shower cake and the couture first birthday cake.  I had a slight plan, but realistically, this has been such a busy month so far, that I barely knew the plan for these two cake orders.  They just sort of unfolded throughout the evening and very early morning.  I slept in most of Saturday afternoon and evening, which seems to be the norm lately.

The bridal shower cake was for a beautiful bride to be that I have already been in touch with.  She is celebrating her wedding at The Wright House in Mesa next month.  A vintage with a twist of bling design led to this elegant gift box cake which happened to be gluten free and dairy free.  I know, skepticism mounts, right?  Can a cake with no regular wheat flour and no milk or butter really please a roomful of women?  Apparently, yes, as I got a text from the bride's aunt expressing her delight with the cake.  She actually said that it was amazing and everyone loved it.

And, across the valley, and still in the beginning phases of her soon to be amazing life....a little girl turning one had a couture first birthday party with a yummy chocolate and raspberry birthday cake.  I have been wanting to make a cake with this little ruffle, and the perfect opportunity came along.  Happy Birthday Ellie.

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